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Saturday, January 3, 2009

you're giving me inspiration

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm sorry for not blogging much. I spent a week in Houston visiting family. I brought my camera but I always forget to take pictures! My trip started with a car accident. Don't worry. I'm okay. Unless you look really, really close, my SUV is okay, too. The rest of my stay included lots of good Asian food, Rock Band, watching The Dark Knight (it's about time), lots of shopping, playing with fireworks, and staying up really late. It also included getting awfully sick but I'm much better now,too. I've been home for two nights and my body has been using this time to catch up on much needed sleep.

Oh... and I also been finding a ton of inspiring blogs which is the point of this post. Some of them I found a short while ago but many have been discovered in the last week. They are so freakin' amazing, I need to share the list with you. Maybe you've already seen them but maybe you will have a few good discoveries, too! Click on the image to be directed to their blogs. Enjoy.

Jane's mom, Judy, has started her own blog and I'm so excited. She's been featuring a lot of interior design photos but I especially enjoy checking out her outfits. If only my mom could be so cool. I spied her and Jane at Zara's at the Dallas Galleria this past fall. It was like I was in front of celebritydom. Judy looked straight at me but I don't know if she noticed me. I would have come up to them if I didn't get an awful stain on my shirt from lunch that day.

I just discovered this blog and it might have to be my favorite find of all. I love her sense of style and I want to try out her DIYs.

She's cute and a little bit of quirky! I'm in awe of her ability to make her purchases one of a kind with some alterations. If only I could be so talented...

I found this one early December through Chictopia. Her style is simple and chic.

Only to be young and be partying to the morning sun starts to shine again...

Her blog has a good mix of this, that, and the other.

She wears a serious amount of black. We share a love for coffee.

Shini has gone through a serious fashion transition. I remember seeing her on Fabsugar and there is quite a difference from then and now. I really like now.

I found her yesterday and she is the cause for this post. I found a nice helping of fabulous blogs because of her. Thank you. You've got serious style, too.

You guys really need to comment more. Because Aimee of Song and Style commented on my blog, I discovered her. Hey, Aimee! I found some much cheaper tights from Urban Outfitters than the Kova & T lace leggings I was coveting. If they prove to be as awesome as I hope, I will be getting more!

Because it's fun to check out street style... and you do an amazing job of capturing the moment!


-h of candid cool said...

im very honored to be on your list with such amazing blogs. thank you :)

wroxton said...

A friend reminded me that she showed me your blog awhile back. I should have taken better notice the first time around.