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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

anonymity, hair, and disco

For the sake of some anonymity, I rarely show my face here. Now, two times in row and I take pictures that include my face. Don't expect it often.

My hair and I are starting to come to terms with each other. I started to use Bumble and Bumble shampoo and conditioner again. I never realized what a difference the right shampoo and conditioner cane make until I started to use Bumble and Bumble. Since finishing the last bottle and now, I have been trying to finish half bottles of other stuff I thought I loved and the Davines travel sizes I bought. Though I'm not as bad as my mom, she's instilled in me a hate for wasting. Anyways... to the point, this has been the first day that I've liked my hair to the end of the day. Maybe I will make it through my attempt to grow out my hair (some).

I love this dress so much, too. It can scream flashy and disco but worn the right way, it's not so obnoxious. I should really wear it more often.

LaRok dress, Original Penguin cardigan, American Apparel leggings, Club Monaco belt, Old Navy sandals, and I can't stop wearing the same necklace and bracelets

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