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Monday, February 9, 2009

new makeup

A couple months ago, I received a gift card from Neiman Marcus for $25 and then I completely forgot about it. I had even purchased a Marc by Marc Jacobs cardigan that would have appreciated the use of the gift card. One thing I didn't notice about the gift card was that it has an expiration date and it had expired. I called NM and asked if they could make it still work. Luckily, they gave me a couple more weeks to use the gift card. My husband and I stopped by the mall so I could use it on some Chanel makeup. I don't know why but I'm on a Chanel makeup craze right now. I picked up a glossimer lip gloss in myriade and nail polish in vendetta. The lady didn't seem to be too happy when my total was only $20something.

I'll be getting some more makeup and beauty products this week, too. Barneys will be having their Love Yourself gift with purchase. I can't wait and I'll post more pictures when I get the stuff.


Brook and Lyn said...

I got this crazy tip from a friend of mine who use to be a designer for Victoria Secret she said that VS uses the same vendor as Chanel for their makeup. We are talking eye liners, lip gloss, shadow and more. I have not tested this fact but the next time I pass by I'm getting myself some liquid VS eyeliner.

wroxton said...

I'm not a fan of VS. Their bras were always uncomfortable. When you get that eyeliner, let me know how it goes. Maybe I'll reconsider.

luxirare said...

oh i am so jealous of your nail color i want it too

wroxton said...

luxirare... Yesterday, I painted my toes with vendetta (so pretty) and I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Barneys in Beverly Hills including Chanel's black satin and blue satin nail colour. I'll post about that purchase as soon as it arrives.