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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

show me the way

In my attempt to wear more of my clothes, I'm wearing some things I haven't worn in awhile- dress and both cardigans. I have another one of the blue cardigan but in grey. I do that a lot and I need to stop because I've had the grey cardigan for a year and it still has the tag on it.

The scarf is new... a gift from my friend Amee (thanks, Amee).

It was mailed to me a couple weeks ago. I have a love/ hate relationship scarves. I LOVE them so much but can't figure out for shit how to wear them as gorgeously as others do because of my thick, short neck. It just looks like I have one of those neck casts but prettier. So... the range of wearing them is limited. Today, I decided to wear it as a belt. Later in the day, I took it off and just wore it hanging around my neck. I want to learn how to wear scarves likes those salesgirls at Madewell do so effortlessly.

And TLT... yes, that is an Urban Outfitters ikat scarf hanging on Scurvy.

lil dress, Splendid cardigan, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent cardigan, Deena & Ozzy scarf, Roberto del Carlo sandals, and same ol' jewelry


TLT said...

Cute outfit!

Yes! I knew that was the UO ikat scarf! I have the exact same one :)
I also spotted Lauren Conrad wearing it on one of her episodes of The Hills...I guess it must be a popular item! :)

Tiff from http://stylesophisticate.blogspot.com

Amee said...

I really love this outfit! The purple is really complimented by the yellow tone of the sandals. It screams Spring and I love the shot of you in the middle. You should look up at the camera more often :D Ohhh your bday is coming up soon, please mail me a wish list. This time I can finally be a good friend and send things ON TIME :P