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Friday, March 20, 2009

let the right one in

source: ferdyonfilms.com and magpictures.com

So... I couldn't help myself. I watched this movie last Tuesday and I've been itching to share it with you. It's Let the Right One In.

I have a thing for scary movies. In particular, I like anything with ghosts, aliens, zombies, or vampires- 28 Days Later, The Grudge, The Ring, Blade, The Horror, The Shining, Aliens, 30 Days of Night, The Lost Boys, etc. (I'll pass on slasher and gore films) After watching 30 Days of Night on cable (it's much better than I thought it would be), it got me on a quest to find more vampire movies. It would be then I would find Let the Right One In.

When the Movie Moron wrote- "This quiet, brooding Swedish film balances realism and magic with such skill you forget you’re actually watching a vampire film disguised as a childhood drama. The plot reads like a Tim Burton Hallmark Special: a young boy befriends a vampire who helps him discover his true strength and fight back against bullies. But the haunting performances from these child actors and the clever art-house cinematography lend the gravity to raise this film to a whole new level."- I was intrigued but I didn't know what to think about it. Is it a vampire film or a drama?

Luckily, I wasn't let down at all. It's beautiful, it's poetic, it's moving. Though it's a vampire film, I couldn't help but find myself involved in the developing relationship between Oscar and Eli. I wanted to know more. I got a lot more than a vampire movie; I became engulfed by the strange relationship of 2 12-year olds. (Oh... and make sure to change the audio to Swedish because it'll automatically play in English and that just sucks to listen to dubbing.)

Now, I want to read the book. I'm also very curious if the American version set to release next year will be half as good as its Swedish counterpart (because Americans seem to do a good job ruining a good thing when it comes to movies). Yeah... I said it.


Pretty Little World said...

I was soooo disappointed when I heard that this would be remade as a US films.

As you say, we Americans ruin.ruin.ruin perfectly good foreign films. I have yet to see an American remake that's as good as the foreign original.

I kind of hope the US version of this brilliant film never sees the light of day.

jr said...

I had no idea they were remaking it either, this pains me. The idea is solid but very simple, it's the EXECUTION that made it great.


Thanks for reading MovieMoron!

- James "dalmatianjaws" Roland

Anonymous said...

you must see high tension if you haven't already. It's a french film that scared me...bad.