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Friday, June 19, 2009

new shoes

I've been in dire need of shoes. Well, to be clear, I have a LOT of shoes. Unfortunately, I don't like most of them. I should seriously do a thorough review of my shoes and clean house.

Well, today, I decided to stop by Barneys and see if there was anything worth buying. Most of their clearance has an additional 25% off price. I found two pairs. Tell me if they are worth keeping.

I have been needing a pair of flats that were good for work. Coincidentally, I have been eyeing this pair. I remember seeing them on the website in white and grey... so I got myself a pair of Lanvin flats and I think they're perfect.

I also need a pair of sandals so I got these by Fiorentini + Baker. (Yes, I bought a pair at the start of warmer weather but they've been begging for a break) I think these are good for everyday wear. They have some interesting details and are very comfortable. They've also got a perfect mix of girlishness and androgyny.

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pennerad said...

love both; keep em.