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Friday, September 11, 2009

christopher kane for topshop

Mucho lo siento mi amigos y amigas (hey don't shoot me if my Spanish is off). I didn't realize how much time I allowed to pass before I returned to my blog. But suddenly... something has caused an itch in me to blog once again (at least for today)- Christopher Kane. I love all the mesh, eyelets, gems, and crocodile prints in his Topshop collection. If only I was in New York (or whereever one can find a Topshop) next week... If only I had a lot of money to blow (because this collection ain't cheap)... If only...

source: Topshop


Amee said...

AH I just visited your site and how coincidental I just purchased the crocodile dress days ago! I love all of the pieces but they were quite a bit expensive especially with shipping :(

wroxton said...